Thursday, September 28, 2017


It is not neighborly to:

  • Be the 2nd kitty cat that mum has found in our house today.
  • Hide under the spare bedroom in said house
  • Hiss at the mumster when discovered.
  • Growl at the mumster when she tried to chase you out.
Mum did get the naughty neighbor out from the spare bedroom with a combination of the broom and some sprays of bug spray.  No sign of neighbor cats tonight.


  1. HaHa! Sorry Poppy!x But this did make me laugh..! :).
    Poor Mum...with a broom..goodness!
    Now! The question has to be asked...where were you,
    all this time Poppy!x Did you 'hiss' at the intruder!
    And, help Mum out! I bet you were on the bed, under
    the duvet..! Waiting for the ALL clear! :).
    AND...I don't blame you! Bless!x

  2. Well!!! That was quite an adventure, Poppy! Not neighbourly at all, unless the cat is homeless and hungry. (Which we assume is not the case.)

    Hopefully you won't have any unwanted visitors today!

  3. What a cheek! Some cat wanting to move in in your house Poppy. Mind you if they have been browsing the blogs on the internet who could blame them choosing mums house for their next abode. You will have to go on patrol to make sure they don't c0me back.They may be a scount for a dozen strays. I am sure you wil go on patrol to keep mum safe. I think mum was very brave.

  4. Your home must be a good one, Poppy, for other cats to want to come over. Maybe you could try out different cats and find one you get along with. Then he can stay...

  5. Whoa! Maybe it was a cat burglar. Okay, that was a silly joke, but he does sound like a nasty intruder. Glad your human finally got him out.

  6. AHHH! INTROODER. I hope you gave him some good whaps too.