Sunday, September 10, 2017

Spring Sunday

This beautiful blossom was all in bloom today as mum headed off for a walk.  She felt good this morning as last night she got a whole 8 hours if sleep.  When she awoke the sun was shining and the birds singing.

Mum went for an afternoon stroll into town and to soak up some vitamin D.  She got home by 4pm, in time to air the house for an hour, play in the garden with me, feed me my feast and bring in the washing.   Now it has cooled down, the clouds have come up from the south and brought rain with them.  So our doors and windows are closed again, I am snoozing on the bed and mum is watching Far From the Madding Crowd on the TV and eating chocolate chip biscuits .

We hope you are all having a lovely Sunday too.


  1. Bright and early over here Poppy!x
    Nearly seven...And, what lovely photos to
    wake up to..they look beautiful..! :)

    We had sunshine and showers yesterday...
    Goodness! They certainly were heavy showers!
    Still, suns peeping through, should be a nice
    day, dry at least!

    I'm off back to bed with my lemon
    the news..though those hurricanes are really bad.
    Those poor people! Say a little prayer l think! :)

  2. Spring is certainly here. What a nice day mum had, and you too! Hopefully mum will feel refreshed for her coming work week. We watched "Mr. Turner" on tv It was really bad. Then a 1937 version of Rembrandt with Charles Laughton which was really good.

  3. The blossom looks lovely. The evenings are drawing in and getting colder and wetter. I really miss Spring and summer, not that we got much summer this year.

  4. Purrty trees, your spring is coming along furry nicely.