Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stormy Spring Sunday

It is a stormy view outside the windows this Sunday evening.  Mum dragged herself out if bed, showered and dressed herself but that is it.  Today has been a laaaaaaaazy one.  She will tidy the kitchen tonight, but no other chores.  She finished her book and watched some shows so that has been good because she had a long week.

Me too - I need more rest too.


  1. Your sky looks a bit overcast Poppy!x
    Nearly eight o'clock over here, and the
    suns out in all it's glory, though a
    bit chilly at the mo!

    I'm off for my breakfast, bit of washing to
    put out on the line first though! Out with
    the J.Edgar, and run over the carpets, bit
    of dusting, here and there..then up to the
    supermarket for groceries!

    HeHe! I'll let you get on with your resting

  2. That sounds like a perfect end to a busy week. Hope the coming week will be better than the last one.

  3. It does looks stormy and grey outside, Poppy. A purrfect day for you and Mum to stay inside. :)

  4. A stormy day is the perfect excuse to stay in and catch up on reading TV viewing. I am afraid we don't have that excuse today - very hot and sunny - so we must put away our knitting and books and go outdoors. But at cats can ready inside. Have a good sleep, Poppy.

  5. Tell your mum it's ok to take care of herself. It's not lazy. Grey days are natures way of giving our beans a day off.

  6. Mum is watching Packer feetball and it isn't looking pretty for our team.