Friday, September 1, 2017

Bye Bye Winter - Hello Spring

Goodbye winter, time for you to go niw, although we know that you have a tendency to hang around for some time to come.

 Mum finished the night shift this morning.   She always intends to stay up all day to reset her body clock, but somehow it is never possible.  She had her breakfast out and then wandered home after 8am.  She watched one of the Diana documentaries that have been on this week.  So sad, and twenty years on it seems such a loss for her sons and tragic for her to be gone at only 36.

So now as our evening comes to a close mum is wide awake.  So she is going to do some tidying up and read her book and hopefully get some sleep.


  1. We're coming to the end of our summer over here,
    getting much cooler, though hot to~day! Funny
    old weather these days..all that global stuff,
    l suppose..who knows!

    HeHe! What's that little pink thing doing, poking
    out of your mouth Poppy!x Bless! You look lovely!x

  2. Well, it's certainly still summer here! My human is fading from the heat.

  3. We are having a cool day or two but mum is loving it. She can work outside and not really get all hot and sweaty. The cool air is nice to breathe.