Thursday, August 31, 2017

Good Girl

Yippee tonight is the mumster st last night shift and then things should return back to normal.   Mum says that I have been a good girl.  When she gets home in the morning I sit and talk to mum and then usually curl up with her when she goes to sleep.  I have been letting her sleep and only comes back to talk to her and ask for a snuggle when she wakes up.

It helps that it has been dark, cool and raining the past few days making it easier for mum to sleep .  She heads to bed around 8.30am and sleeps to about 3.  She didn't have a nap this evening and would much rather stay home this wet night.

I had a feast for my dinner tonight and mum had a simple supper if beans on toast.   The dishes are done and mum has washed more of her clothes.   Mum doesn't eat much at work but she thinks she might treat herself tomorrow morning with breakfast out.


  1. Well,l never thought of you as a naughty girl
    anyway Poppy!x And, l know you look after Mum,
    and, make sure everything is o.k. Bless!

    Beans on toast are nice once in a while!
    Something plain and simple..l like cheese on
    toast as well..! :).

    Suns out again to~day, and it's quite warm..
    I'm off to make a cup of tea, bit of toast,
    with my daughters lovely home made strawberry
    jam! Have fun....!x

  2. Poppy, dear, you've been a big help to Mum, letting her sleep and offering friendly conversation when she's ready to enjoy your company!

    I love to eat breakfast at a nice café, especially if they manage good coffee and scrambled eggs with sausage. And real orange juice

  3. Aren't you always a good girl, Poppy? ;-)

    Glad things will return to "normal" for your mom. We hope you have a lovely day and weekend!

  4. Breakfast out is a real joy. Sit and savor tea or coffee , enjoy the weather, watch people pass and you don't have to clean up! Take all the time in the world for yourself; a real treat after a week of doing for others.
    Maybe an extra snack for a very wonderful and considerate kitty girl?

  5. Yay for the shifts being done. Breakfast out is fun, at least mum says so.

  6. Thank goodness for that, eh, Poppy? I'm glad you've been good for your mum during this week, and I agree that she deserves a treat after all this shift-work.

  7. I bet you are very glad your human's schedule is getting back to normal, Poppy!