Friday, August 11, 2017


Hello Friday - it is always a good start to the weekend when the mumster has a day off. Middle aged lady bladder prevented her sleep in - at least I didn't get the blame for that one.  Mum gave me lots of pets and cuddles, which I tolerated for a bit.  Then she went out for the day.

I got to stare out the window and watch my birdies.  They sure look tasty.


  1. I think you should take a nice restful weekend
    Poppy!x and watch the birdies..You've had a busy
    week..what with that mousie and all..!
    And...lots of pets and cuddles..lucky you! :).

  2. Dear poppy and juli q. Perhaps mum went to bed too early. And she might have had too much liquid she is much too young to have a middled aged bladder. I would love to swap>
    In retrospect imagine being 16 again. We didn't even know how lucky we were
    Millie said to say hello and sure wishes it was Spring. She sure gets tired of sleeping on my chest watching tv at night. We discovered she hates balls of tin foil but a ball of grease proof paper is keeping her very busy tonight.

  3. Ha! Our biped is often up with middle-aged bladder too, which certainly does not help the dark circles under her eyes. :-D

    We wish you both a good, restful weekend!

  4. I had a nice long cuddle with mum this morning. She didn't go anywhere until after lunch.

  5. Don't eat the birdies, Poppy. But they are fun to watch. We hope you and your mum have a lovely weekend.

  6. I wake almost exactly ninety minutes after going to bed, every night, no matter what time I go to bed. Fortunately, I can go back to sleep again afterward. But it's my fault: I love a cup of tea just before bedtime...