Thursday, August 17, 2017

Simple Suppertime

 Our friend Coral has asked for pictures of mums dinners so the mumster took these two.  This was last night's chicken breast with baked potato and salad.
Tonight mum cooked sausages with mashed potato and steamed veg.  She enjoyed both meals - me I am not interested in mums food at all.

In both cases mum cooked enough dinner to last for 2 nights.  So there is leftovers to be used tomorrown or at the weekend.   Mum doesn't that so that she only has to cook 2-3 nights a week.  Other nights she is happy with soup and toast or something easy .  She is trying to eat more veg and has cut back on her pasta/rice/bread consumption by about half in the past year.

Me - I am happy with my feast.


  1. Wow those meals almost look too good to eat. That was really kind to go to the effort of taking pics. We wonder what Poppy's favourite feast flavour is. Millie has to have nibbles for long hair kitty's but she does fancy a bit of ham and has had a couple of tasty mice. In the country it is hard to keep them out in wet weather. Take care the two of

  2. ooooO! If Mum has leftovers..Especially with mashed
    potato...perhaps she could make, Bubble and Squeak,
    do you have it over there..l expect you do! Nice
    with gravy! :).
    I must say, l don't eat enough fruit and veg..being
    Sicilian, l was brought up on pasta, rice and bread.
    And, l eat a lot of game...Pheasant, rabbit, venison
    etc....It's always lean, no fat, so good for you!
    My friends always pull my leg and say..."If it stands
    still long enough..Willie will eat it". HeHe! :).

  3. Your mum's dinner looks not only delicious and balanced but very visually appealing .
    Recently our mum saw a news segment about gluten levels in bread. Breads in Italy have an enormously lower gluten level than breads we eat here.
    Mum love pasta and bread but has cut back too. Mum bought gluten free bread but later read it was incredibly high glycemic. Can't win for loosing as the old saying goes.

  4. Mum tries to cook stuff and then just heat it up again. Saves time. Cook once, eat more than once.

  5. My human is envious - everyone here is interested in what she eats. So she mostly eats at her desk, where we can't get to it.

  6. Your mum's meals always look so appetising...