Friday, August 18, 2017


The mumster was late getting home tonight.  One of her colleagues was leaving and there were Friday night drinks.  Mum went, and like the old lady she is, had her usual lemon lime and bitters.  A couple of the boys were getting a bit messy - good on them.  Mum was the oldest there, and so retired early.  

Oh and by getting home late - she means 7.30pm.  Go mum!


  1. I'm with Mum...I don't go out night time, don't
    like the dark anyway...but l have been invited to
    a school reunion, next Friday, l had to make sure
    to was a luncheon, not evening, otherwise l would'nt
    have bothered! I'm guest speaker, so, l'd better go!
    12:30 that's o.k. :).

  2. Good for mum staying on later when she would rather have been home with you.. We wondered if she watched the film on choice 9.30 - midnight. Very harrowing and disappointing ending. Mum likes Liam Neilsen . I think she fancies his Irish accent. Me I slept mainly with the occasional bored purr.

  3. Seven-thirty! She better sleep in late because of that. I know what you mean, though, Poppy. I can stay out late, I just don't want to. The cats are always better company.

  4. Yes, my getting home late something like 9:00 pm. Even on weekends! But I bet Poppy found this late.

  5. Mum stopped going out for drinks after work when the drive home got longer. Even one was too much.