Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Movie - Where Your Cat Goes

We thought you might like a movie to watch this Monday.  We kniw that most if our friends are indoor cats, but like most Kiwi cats i get ti have some indoor outside lifestyle living.  Mum does not think I wander far away.  Now I am getting older, like mum I am happy to stay close to home.

  The mumster has a lot of shifts in the next week so she has been food prepping like Doomsday is coming.  Our house is scented with roast chicken, potatoes, broccoli, carrots and beans.  

Towels are on the line, but the clouds are gathering again and it has grown chilly.  Mum has hovered the carpet and now relax for an hour or two before she has to ready herself for work.  It will be a strange week this week with odd shift patterns.  We guess the best thing is that there are no early starts this fortnight, and there is extra money on payday. 


  1. My human only had one cat that was allowed to roam (it was the cat's choice, not hers), and she did wander! My human never knew where, but she had the sneaking suspicion that she had homes that she visited for snacks.

  2. There's one thing l've always hated, especially in wild
    life programs, and that's attaching monitors/cameras to
    animals..just to track them....WHY? Leave animals to get
    on with their lives in peace!

    Goodness! Me Poppy!x Not doomsday...still the smell of roast
    chicken is nice! Hope you'll be able to have nice cuddles, when
    Mum does finish her shift and comes home! Bless!x

  3. That was so interesting. I wonder if Millie would try to go home. She was so let loose and seen in the country and was in such a state I don't think so. They think she was dropped many miles from town. I always thought she belonged to an old man who must have died because my hub was the only one that could touch her. Now she is a real family cat and loves us both and only bites rubs her too much at night. She loves me heaps as I use one finger like her mums tongue and lies on me as long as I can cope every night. We love her to bits and I tell her all about poppy. She rubs against the my iPad so she don't work too hard mum. Get plenty of sleep if you can.

  4. Ah, your house must smell delightful, Poppy. Doomsday has a beautiful fragrance, apparently.

  5. Great movie. I am sure the owners will have hours of entertainment seeing where Kitty roams. We are bird conservationists here so Holly stays in. She was found all lost and alone by the cat rescue group.

  6. Hope all the shifts go well for your mum. Glad she cooked ahead so she can chill when she gets home.