Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Mums first night of night shift was fine.  She even got to read a few chapters of her book and watch a couple of Seinfeld episodes on her phone.  When she got home, she had some food and drink before heading to bed.  I was really really good and let her sleep for a couple of hours before asking for a cuddle.

So now she is up and has some lamb and potatoes roasting for dinner.  She doesn't eat much while at work so a nice dinner is in order.


  1. Ah! And look at you Poppy!x
    All laid out and relaxed...can you see
    something on the ceiling..! :). Bless!

    Nearly 8 o'clock over here, l'm off
    downstairs for breakfast, the sun is out,
    though rain forecast later...not a lot to
    do to~day...though l never know who will
    come visiting...Flossie for one, for her
    saucer of milk! :).

  2. Miss Poppy, me love to lean on mom like that too. The mom is our good pilllow..tee..heh
    It's really good your mom's dinner was in order! Meals are very important. =^x^= me do agree 100 %

  3. mm I suppose shift work interrupts Poppy Q's routine too....

  4. Shift work raises havoc with one's immune system. Take good care of your mum, Poppy dear.

  5. We almost didn't recognize you, Poppy! Your furs look orange in that sun puddle!