Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Huntress

OK we have to confess.   Mum found the mousie behind the curtain, and thinks it may have died of fright.  Anyways she will sleep better knowing the mouse is not crawling around eating my biscuits.  Still I will take my moment of glory.

The day was nice, it cleared after a  it of rain.  Mum went walking and got some groceries.   She needed to stick up a bit.  She made chicken/broccoli Alfredo pasta and a salad, with lots of leftovers.   There are grapes for supper and now the evening is cooling down, so the heaters on and time to start relaxing.   There is a documentary about Glen Campbell on TV that she started watching, very interesting and sad.

Have you caught any wildlife lately?


  1. Well..the dead mouse has'nt put Mum off her
    food, anyway Poppy!x And, let's be honest here,
    that mouse did'nt die of fright...I think you
    should put your paw up and tell us, it was your
    doing...! HeHe! Bless!x

    I don't catch wildlife..though a lot of my friends
    do...Well, shoot them really, and a lot was eaten
    at last Sundays Barby....! Cleared out my 'road kill'
    freezer, quite a bit..! I never waste food...! :).

  2. Good for you 'fessing up poppy. Nice to know the drama has ended. Nothing much going on here. This weather is starting to get boring. I like to ly in puddles of sun but not much doing there and not even a fly to catch. Oh, one good thing. Dad supplements my nibbles wit some ham each day to make my life more cherry. Lots of furry kisses from

  3. Yes, we still think it was your doing, Poppy, even if the mouse died of fright. Frightened of the mighty huntress YOU are!

    Our biped is thankful we haven't caught any wildlife other than moths, but we certainly have enough of it around! :-)

  4. Wowzers, Poppy!
    You are a mighty hunter.
    We usually just catch bugs...and straws.
    Winston and Emily

  5. I hope it wasn't a very old mouse you were hunting, Poppy. It's best to let seniors enjoy their retirement...

  6. Poppy Q does look very pleased with herself

  7. Poppy, I think you need to take FULL credit for that mouse! Don't be humble.

  8. We think you deaded that mousie, Poppy. You have the satisfied look of a great jungle hunter!

  9. No wildlife is allowed in our house!