Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunbeam Caturday

Hello sunshine, we haven't felt 18deg c for some time, but you popped out and warmed us up today.  Mum was up with her bladder this morning again, but it was drizzly to start with, so she was slow to get the chores started.

Washing went on the line to get some vitamin d and mum opened up all of the windows and let the breezes in.  She watched a couple of shows and read some of her book.  She tried to comb me, but I didn't tolerate it for too long.

Mum got me a feast for dinner, and some leftovers for herself.  Now mum might put a face mask on and sit on the couch for an hour or two.

We hope you all have something fun planned for your Caturday.


  1. HeHe! Drizzly bladder...that does'nt sound good Poppy!x
    Bless! :).
    I take vitamin D tablets, 1000mg, three a day, help me
    with my bone strengthening in my neck..I get them on
    prescription, as their not available off the shelf!

    Oh! Tell use a brush, rather than a comb,
    l always found, pussy~cats prefer a brush, rather
    than a comb....
    Oh! And, hope Mums mask is'nt to scary Poppy!x
    That's something you don't need!x

  2. How great it is to see some sun with warmth in it. I have a lemon in a pot in the porch and they are yellow now though hard as bricks. My human is going out to water them in the dark along with potted tulips just showing green tips,gardenias and Herbs. The rest of the garden can wait for the rain on Sunday. Did poppy go out and enjoy the sun? Millie did but she got left out by mistake so had a very late dinner. Millie loves being combed. As soon as someone passes the campfor chest where her comb stays she makes a mad dash. We get tired before she does.

  3. It sounds like an easy Saturday for both of you, Poppy, especially if you don't let your mum comb you...