Saturday, August 5, 2017

Casual Caturday

The mumster and I had a little lie in this morning which was lovely.  The sun was shining so mum couldn't lay about too long.  Dishes had to be done and then mum bought out the vacuum cleaner- so I was off.

Mum took off in the afternoon to meet a bestie.   They had a wander and did a  little shopping and a little eating.

So now she is home - I've had my feast and is it sad to say that she is ready for bed at 9.15pm?  We hope you are having a lovely Caturday.


  1. Mum starts work early and has a bit of a commute by bus.
    Lots of evenings she is ready for bed around 9PM ;)
    We don't mind, we just pile on the bed :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. So glad mum had such a nice day out. She certainly deserves it and you are so lucky to have the evening free for the both of you. Sleep well and have a great day tomorrow. Xxx.

  3. I've got my daughter anf hubby down for the weekend..
    They've just taken Zeeva, their Staffy for a walk..
    They've got two, but only ever bring one at a time!
    Two is to much! :).

    Getting ready for tomorrow...Barby...think l've got up early preparing everything!
    Starts at three...hopefully a good time with be had
    by all..this will be my 36th annual Barby! Always lots
    of fun! :0).

  4. Sounds like a lovely day, Poppy. But gees, our human goes to bed around 8 PM and reads for half an hour or so, if she can. Lots of nights she can't stay awake. Staying up till 9 PM would be staying up late for her!

  5. I had a lie-in this morning, too, Poppy. Cammie came to lie on my chest, and I couldn't very well get up until she had decided to go, could I?