Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's Up?

Today I was out in the garden with mum while she hung out the washing.   I was keeping a goid eye out for neighbors.   We had ourselves a lazy girls day at home.  Mum read her book, watched some shows and took a nap.  I just napped - perfect!!


  1. You look as though your keeping two good eyes out
    for neighbours Poppy!x
    And talking of neighbours have you seen your neighbours
    pussy~cat...or does'nt it bother you any more! :).
    I thought you'd be good friends by now! :).
    Anyway! Keep that eye open...who knows what yo might see!

  2. Poppy, dear, can you see through kitchen walls with those golden eyes? Did you hear the neighbors open a can of tuna? Glad you and the mumster are resting up for the weird shifts week ahead!

  3. You look like you might have spied something, Poppy! Good job, keeping watch.