Friday, August 4, 2017


The Mumster had a lovely day off, she got another sleep in and a couple of cuddles with me, then she headed off to the film festival to see this sweet film Kedi.  (if you click the link it will take you to the trailer).  It is a documentary about the street cats of Istanbul and was just delightful, following them round to see how where they eat and sleep and the people who take care of them.  There were some lovely shots over the city and amazing harbor, a place that the mumster was lucky enough to travel to over 20 years ago.  She enjoyed her holiday very much, and says the people were lovely and there were some amazing towns and beaches to visit.

She did feel a tad guilty watching the movie, as she realized that she may have left me at home without a big supply of biscuits.  Naughty mum.   So she got a bit of telling off when she got home, but at least I ate most of my dinner tonight.

Hope you are ready for the weekend - something fun planned?


  1. Ah! Poppy!x That's lovely...I've sent the link
    to ALL the pussy~cat people on my contact list!
    They will love it...Say thankyou to Mum..Bless! :).

    I'm starting to prepare for annual Barby,
    lot's to eat and drink...and, the weather's gonna be
    nice...Ah! Heaven!

  2. What a lovely day mum had. What a beautiful trailer to watch. Would love to see the film if it ever gets to utube. How lucky mum was having such a wonderful time traveling. It will never be like that again. Watching the news is horrific. I was lucky to go to Paris a couple of times. It will never be the same. Stay safe poppy tucked up in bed with mum.

  3. Your mum had a lovely day, Poppy, and we're glad she enjoyed the movie. "Sallyhicks" is right, travelling isn't the same now and never will be again, so it's wonderful your mum had a chance to visit Istanbul when the world didn't seem to be spiraling out of control *quite* as much as it is now.

  4. We hope you got some extra loving and biscuits for your trouble, too!

  5. it was nice to see the trailer, and that lots of people feed the street cats.

  6. I got the link to the film from Willie so I watched it. I remembered my son had told me about this film. I look forward to seeing it very much ... your Mum is very lucky indeed to have visited that wonderful place Poppy Q. I shall tell Blackie & Pippi about the film. Have a great weekend dear girl Xxxx

  7. Mum will be home this weekend, so lots of cuddles for me.

  8. My human saw Kedi a few months ago and adored it!