Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Tuesday already.  The mumster has this week off for a little staycation and she is enjoying our sleep ins and relaxing.  This morning she did not have to be up until 8am, and I came and snuggled with her twice.

She saw a couple of movies at the film festival in town and had a tasty lunch out of a filo parcel with Thai chicken filling and the nicest salad mum has had in a while.   She even got to pop into the library, and read a whole small book in the 2 hours she was there.

She headed home just as the rain started, so jacket and boots are drying.  There is no sign of the mouse that I had last night so mum hopes it has truly gone.  Me well I kept our side of the bed warm.


  1. You look very happy to~day Poppy!x
    Very bright eyed and bushy tailed!
    I expect it's because Mum has some staycation!
    That's nice for both of you! Bless!

    Had a lovely day for my Barby, yesterday, l won't
    tell you how many wine/beer bottles, cans of beer,
    left over...A lot..let's just say, enough to make
    a small car...! :).
    But it's raining to~day, not nice for the rest of
    the week..! :(.

  2. That sounds just the nicest day possible for mum. She so deserves it. Pity the mouse didn't come back for awhile to give you a fun play date but I am sure mum is pleased..you never take a bad photo poppy. You are such a lovely furry cat and with such big eyes. No wonder mum enjoys the snuggles you give her.

  3. Oh, it sounds like your mum is having a lovely week off! Yesterday was a holiday and our biped took today as a vacation day, so she's enjoying the extra time away from work. We hope the rest of the week is fantastic for you both, Poppy.

  4. Ah, a week off! Time to do things, time to do nothing. It sounds wonderful, Poppy.

  5. I'm sure the mouse is gone if you're not looking for it anymore, Poppy.*

    *I'm really just saying that to make your human feel better!

  6. Oh my, look at the expression. lol

  7. Hopefully Mr Mouse knows he is not welcome. Hope your mum enjoys her staycation.

  8. A holiday is just what you and your mum need. We hope you help your mum relax and enjoy herself. And keep your home mouse-free.