Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day Off

Mum got another day off today.  A lovely sleep in and then a visit to the hairdresser for an expensive refresh for mums grey hair.  I am fine with mine - no retouching necessary.

Mum visited the library again and the supermarket for weekly supplies.  She made a new recipe, a bacon mushroom pesto pasta which was nice.  It is easy to reheat and she has enough for the next couple of shifts.  So it will be put in containers and ready for mum to grab with a piece of fruit.

Oh and mum gave me a sachet of chicken and gravy for my dinner, and I surprised her by eating it down super quick.   An hour later I meowed over and over for more.  So she gave me another one - and I didn't eat it!!


  1. HaHa! You do make me chuckle Poppy!x
    You did'nt eat it...! Bless!x
    And..No..l don't think your hair/fur needs
    touching always looks lovely!
    That's the trouble with ladies and their
    hair, it needs looking after, so, hence,
    a visit to the hairdressers is called for! :).

    I see your out enjoying a bit of sunshine,
    it's nice and sunny over here to...
    I've just made a peperonata..and l've got a
    rabbit in the oven, roasting away...I'll enjoy
    both later, sat out on the patio...!

  2. You had probably changed your mind about the chicken and gravy in between the last meow for more and the actual presentation of the food. I can understand that, Poppy.

  3. A kitty always has the prerogative to change her mind. LOL!

  4. MOL - ya gotta keep em on dere toes!

  5. Holly changes her mind too. Usually after I invest in a big bag of the expensive god she likes. You do have the loveliest grey fur, Poppy. We are sure your mum's new do is lovely too.