Monday, August 28, 2017

Night Shifting

Mums afternoon shifts have come to an end, but now she is finishing her seven day stretch with four nights of night shift.  Today is an odd day as she prepares to start work at 11.30pm.

Today she tried to sleep in for as long as she could, but she only managed until 7am.  She then took it easy puttering round the house.  It was raining outside  so she waited until there was a break in the weather to go out.  Supplies were brought and another pile of books from the library came home.

We then both had a nap for a couple of hours which was nice.   Now mum is beginning to get ready for her shift.   She will pack a little food and be optimistic and take her book.  So I am in charge overnight ready for her to get back in the morning.


  1. Oh! That can't be nice spending the night on your
    own Poppy!x Still, on the bright side, you've got
    ALL the bed to yourself...! :).
    And, l expect you like being in charge...Bless!
    Keep the bed warm for Mum..the night will soon

  2. Good luck to your mum, Poppy, on her shift--we hope she gets some reading time.

    And good luck to you, being on guard all night!

  3. We had a small taste of night shift when James worked nights, causes havoc with sleep cycles. Hope you had a gentle night at work.

  4. A long night for you, Poppy. We hope mum has a good shift and is home soon.

  5. Hope your mum had a good night shift.

  6. The first shift following a change like that must be tough. Good luck to her.