Friday, September 29, 2017


Here we are ready for the weekend.   So far there appears to have been no intruders here today.  The mumster was glad that her working  week was over.  She celebrated by going to the supermarket on the way home - woop woop!

Dinner was a feast for me, and she made chicken/cranberry/cheese toasties for herself.  All those carbs made mum tired so us girls retreated for a nap.  Then mum thought she would finish her chores.  So clothes are being washed and the dishes are done.  Vacuum cleaning can be done tomorrow morning and now is time to load up another Poldark episode. 

We hope you are all having a good Friday too.


  1. Well..I've just got back from a BIG shop at Lidl..!
    Eight for dinner on Sunday, last of my Burfday
    celebrations..Nice BIG haunch of venison, two racks
    of lamb, chix, and pheasant..! with all the timmings
    of course..! Nine different types of cheeses, salamis,
    olives..Oh! and a 1996 bottle of vintage port...! :).
    And Poppy!x I will lift a glass for you and for Mum...
    And, say a great BIG cheers...Bless!x I will...! :).

    1. Happy belated birthday. What a celebration you have had. You should blog and show us all of your tasty treats.

    2. Poppy!x What are you doing this time! :).
      Bless!x Yes! My Burfday has dragged on since last
      Thurs..Nice and steady!
      And..Yes! Lots of tasty treads...the venison is in
      the oven at the moment..l'll give it three hours on
      a low light! Let it rest for an hour, then carve it!
      Do a bit more tomorrow, finish off Sunday morning...!

      And, yes, l know, l've been nagged and nagged to really
      start up a Blog! But, l'm afraid, l'd never be off it!
      So, l'm happy to enjoy l few l love and
      yours! Beware though! If l win the lottery, l'll be straight
      over there to say hello! And Mum, if she's about! :).
      Oh! And Pippi and Blackie of course...! Did you see their
      lovely card..! Bless them...Anyway best let you get back
      to bed...and sssssh! don't wake Mum! :).

  2. My mom just have dinner too. Nothing is fancy, just rice, Asian crispy pork and vegetable clear soup. Her dessert was banana. Here is hot and human. Banana turns mushy very quick ! Me is ready for nap =^x^=
    I hope your mom and you have a lovely weekend.

  3. So glad mum scared off that cat. You might still need to keep one eye open while you sleep just to be on thebsafe side. You must be very placid poppy not to have got into a fight with the evil one.
    Mums toasties sound so yummy. She is very inventive and clever in the kitchen.