Friday, September 15, 2017


It is blowing a gale outside today, so mums plans of hanging out the washing wasn't going to work.  She got a wee sleep in stayed in her dressing gown until the afternoon.   Then it was time to put the uniform back on and head out and brave the wind.

We sure are glad it is Friday - how about you?


  1. Won't be Friday here for another two hours, but mum says she has no running around to do. So she can stay home with me!

  2. Nearly seven over here Poppy!x First lemon
    tea of the day..Pop back to bed for half
    hour, be a dry day, so the weather lady
    And, yes, always glad it's Friday! :).

  3. It's so nice to see you are so well settled into your new home. I guess it has taken awhile for you to rub every inch of it with your Furry little chin. You must be nearing the end of that process very soon. I heard the planes were diverted from Wellington due to those winds. Mums washing might have ended up on my washing line. That would have been funny. Have a great weekendxxx.

  4. It's only 8 AM on Friday here, and we're all happy it's the end of the work week for our human (none more so than our human).

    We hope you both have a good weekend!

  5. Very glad it is Friday, Poppy, very glad indeed. I hope your mum more than a wee sleep in tomorrow or Sunday.

  6. It's been wet and windy here too, so I've stayed indoors catching up with the ironing.