Saturday, September 2, 2017

Chilled Caturday

Well this Caturday certainly has been a chilled one.  Poor mum only got to go to sleep at 4am.  She woke to her alarm at 8am and then fell asleep until midday.   She then desperately wanted a nap but has fought it so that she can try and sleep tonight.

She washed and scrubbed and hovered this afternoon.   Dinner was easy Ramen noodles and now it's time for ice cream.

I helped mum by showing her how to get some sleeps.   We hope you all enjoy your Caturday and get lots of rest.


  1. You make me chuckle Poppy!x
    So Mum..scrubbed and hoovered...I hope she did your
    home as well...! Bless!
    HeHe! Brilliant sunshine over here, very warm to...
    Lunch out in the garden, me thinks!
    All this sunshine seems a waste..when l've no
    washing to do..! :). Still, it's better than ALL that
    rain..hate the rain..!
    Oh! Well, time for a cup of tea, and a dough~nut....!
    Have fun...! :0).

  2. Our Caterday was a chilly one too.we youbare a good teacher, Poppy, and we hope your mum has a long good night's sleep.

  3. Coming off of a long set of odd shifts must be very hard. I hope your mum catches up on her sleep.