Monday, September 11, 2017


It was a little quiet start to the week today.  Mum had a good day at work and enjoyed walking home in the sun with her shopping.  Yet again she forgot to put her phone in her bag and although she missed checking the Internet at lunchtime, it was nice to be phone free.  She left it on the charger tonight too.

I got to enjoy some sunshine too.


  1. You look lovely Poppy!x
    Oh! So Mum forgot her phone..Goodness! So, you could'nt
    phone her on yours then..Bless!x

    We've still got sunshine and showers, and the showers
    are really strong to..but nice when the suns out, l've
    got washing out on the line, so l've got the best of
    both worlds, rain for the washing, and the sun for the
    drying..HeHe! :).

  2. Sweet poppy, how come you always look like you never have a hair out of place as well as looking like you need us to cuddle you. What I wouldn't give to give a kiss on that sweet little face. I am old enough to know what life was like without cell phones. It was GREAT

  3. Stepping away from the smart phone and tablets for a while can be a huge relief. I'm old enough to remember life without cell phones either, and ditto on the great. Now everyone is so self-absorbed and addicted it's nuts. Anyway, we hope the rest of your weeks goes well too!

  4. That warm sun must feel heavenly on your furs. You look as if you're quite content.

  5. Quiet weeks are nice. Enjoy the warms.

  6. I love the sunshine when the temperatures are reasonable. Here, our sun is deep yellow or orange wi4th the smoke of forest fires from B.C. and Montana. Sigh.