Saturday, September 9, 2017

Middle Aged Lady Pizza Party Big Night In Caturday

Mum had a great night of sleep - she has the midnight to 3.40am sleep down pat.  A pity about the rest of the night.  Still she managed to get up early and make herself presentable and went to her course.  It went well - interesting with good company and good quizzes and a great lunch.

Mum then went for a walk in the city where she wandered round aimlessly.   She came home and nodded off on the couch by 6pm.  She got my feast ready and had no energy to cook , but luckily pizza was at the house in an hour.

So she has a tummy full of cheesy,meaty goodness.   She has watched the News and Modern Family and is thinking that she will get us girls tucked up in bed and snoozing by 10.  Hopefully all night long.

How about you kitties - we hope you have had a lively Caturday.


  1. Ah! Nothing like a good old pizza for
    back up...I always have a couple in the
    deep freeze..just in case..plain ones,
    then l just do my own topping, as l love
    anchovies..that's my favourite! :).

    And, l see your looking for a special spot
    to settle down Poppy!x so l'll say Nite! Nite!

  2. That is such an enticing looking bed poppy I am wondering if it really belongs to you. I think you just share it with mum because you love her so much. Good for her making the best of her course. It was a really nice day here and dad picked a hyacinth to put in mums room but it smelt lovely but too strong so he took it out tonight.He also managed to cook a roast dinner so mum said it was like Mother's Day and it made her very happy..Me well I just had my usual nibbles. Can't see why they like roast onions.

  3. Poppy, dear, some evenings only a "middle-aged lady pizza party" will satisfy the need to celebrate sitting down at home with the cat -- at last!

  4. mmm, pizza! MOL Hope you get lots of cuddles during the news and modern family!

  5. My human's going to have a vendor table for her books at some event tonight, so it will be boring here for me. I actually could have come along (pets are welcome), except she doesn't have any help manning the table, and wouldn't be able to take me home if I got tired.

  6. We hope you both have a good sleep. Pizza always comes in handy when we are tired and without food at home - usually Fridays after a long week.

  7. Pizza sure is nommy. Poppy, we hope you and Mum have some good cuddles and some good sleeps!

  8. Mum called out for pizza tonight too!

  9. I'm at last catching up on my favourite blogs...

    I usually sleep very well, Poppy - just not much. Five hours of good sleep is nice but seven or eight would be nicer.