Monday, May 6, 2019

Autumn Colours

There was a  large selection of flowers on show on mum's walk home this afternoon. She enjoyed all the Autumn colours on show.


  1. oooooO! They look lovely Poppy!x
    Flowers over here are starting to bloom, though
    l have'nt done my baskets yet, bit early yet!

    Bank Holiday Monday to~day..big fair and fete in
    town to~day from 7~7, giving it a miss, quiet day
    at home instead..suns out, so gonna sit out on the
    patio and pick the meat off yesterdays chicken!
    And maybe! Just maybe! A can of beer...! Hic! :o).

  2. Pretty flowers. Our wisteria is in full bloom and the clematis is starting to flower. The daffodils and magnolia have already finished and the primroses almost so. I will be glad when the warmer weather comes so I can plant out my bedding. It has been down to 0 C the last two nights and my Jasmine was not happy.

  3. Those are all beautiful! Seeing blooms at any time of the year makes our human feel very happy. :-)

  4. poppy Q....yur autumn colorz bee way better N R spring time onez !!!

    awesum ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

  5. Those are the colours of our spring, hopefully.