Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Shopping While Mum Was At Work

These socks - you can get your beautiful face put on them.  These make mum laugh.  She could wear them at work and have a nice reminder of my face.

This picture is very sweet and the painter is very talented.  What a nice reminder of your sweetie to look at on the wall every day.

A nice cushion of your lovie means you can go everywhere together.  Travel to London, take a cruise no problem, you can be in all of your persons photos.  And take a nap together.

Speaking of naps, think of how well your person will sleep under a nice fleecy blankie custom made with photos of you on it.  A purrfect present if we say so!!

We hope you enjoy my little shopping adventure.


  1. Oh! Yes! Poppy!x Love the socks..I certainly
    wear some like that..though they'd have to be
    'pink'..HeHe! :).

    You caught me before l'm off to the supermarket,
    not a lot needed this week..already done a bit of
    washing, that's out on the line drying..nice sunny,
    warm, dry day again..!
    I'll get out and cut the grass out front tomorrow!
    Hopefully have a quiet! :).

  2. Love love love the socks
    And since you and Bella look exactly the same. It could be either one of you and that would be a nice thought through out the day

  3. Those are all cute ideas, but I love those socks!

  4. Those are so much fun, Poppy. The socks made us MOL!

  5. Mum likes to window shop, less to buy as she says she always says she has too much stuff.

  6. Ha! The socks would be neat. As for the cushion or pillow, I have a cat sleeping on my head; I think that's enough.

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