Friday, May 3, 2019


Yes that is me on my shopping bag on top of mum's damp towel on top of the bed.  I don't think I'm spoilt.  Mum just loves me lots.


  1. Ah! Bless! We ALL love you lots Poppy!x
    Goodness Me! We do....! :).

    Oh! I've just seen on TV news and in the paper
    that your Prime Minister has just got engaged..
    Perhaps you and Mum will get an invite to the
    wedding..! :).

    1. So pleased you saw Jacinda news. I adore her and think it wonderful they are to be married. She is a wonderful mother as well as P.M.

  2. You look blissful Poppy. We had a visit from a beautiful spotted tabby last week. It made itself at home and jumped on my bed 😇 it explored the house and we gave it sardines and then it left. I had hoped it was lost and we might keep it but we saw it yesterday and it must live in the area. It was too well groomed to be a stray.

  3. I think you are getting the treatment you have earned, Poppy.

  4. Love or spoilt, whatever works for you Miss P.