Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Look Of Love

Mum made the bed on Caturday and forgot to put my bag/bed back on top.  So I came and looked for her and meowed until she fixed it.  She would love a nice tidy clear bed, but she realises that my love is strong.


  1. You do love your bag Poppy!x that's
    for sure...Bless! :).

    I'm just finishing off the privit..
    nearly done, just the top bit to do..
    Phew! And it's getting a bit warm..bit
    of sweat on the old forehead..nice long
    cold drink is called for..
    Well..best get on..have fun..! :o).

  2. It is a good job that your mum put things right for you, Poppy.

  3. That had me chuckling, Poppy. Some things aren't right until they are fixed, right?

  4. Your comfort is more important than her bed being tidy.

  5. poppy ...mum iz werkin two mannee hourz... that her could forget sum thin az important az yur shoppin bag ~ ☺☺♥♥

  6. Around our house, if you want a nice tidy bed (with no cat fur) you'd better put something on the bed for the cats to curl up on!

  7. Funny how you like that shopping bag Poppy. It can't be especially warm & cosy & not really a soft fabric? You are a funny wee girl Poppy Q. Xx

  8. Awww, you love your bag, Poppy! I'm glad your human recognizes that.

  9. Oh no mum. How can you forget lol
    Now funny are they. They love routine