Saturday, May 11, 2019

Quietish Caturday

Caturday was quiet at our place today.  After mums big day out yesterday she wanted a quiet one today.  She slept in and then got up and had soup and toast for lunch while catching up on some shows.  She chose to go out and gets some fresh air with a walk, and do some jobs just as a big Pride parade started in town. She got stuck could not get across to the supermarket and the side of town she needed to get to.  Instead she did some jobs in this side of town.  The spare keys she needed, and lots of little things she didn't need.  Ingredients were chosen so that chicken tacos could be made for dinner.  Yum for her.  Mum put some fresh apple in hers, as she likes the mix of sweet and savory, not traditional she is sure but sometimes it is good to experiment.  Now it is time for a movie - Ladies in Black, and she thinks there is a block of chocolate that might need to be opened.

So we hope that you are all enjoying a nice Caturday and doing something fun.


  1. Ladies In Black..Yep! l've seen that..very good! :).

    Busy morning over here, went off into town at 8:30...
    Coffee at Costa coffee..chatting away most of the time,
    popped into the market square, not a lot about, so popped
    into the six charity shops on the way home, not a lot
    interested did'nt buy anything, popped in M&S for
    a pot of tea..chatted to a few people l know, so..that
    was everyone..! HeHe!

    Busy on the PC for an hour..bit of lunch, cup of tea,
    browsing through the TV Mag. seeing what's on later.....
    Job done! Amen! :).

  2. Sounds like a nice, quiet day for your human, Poppy. My human and I may do a modeling session later.

  3. The Pride Parade sounds fun, Poppy, but we are sorry Mum couldn't get across town. It does sound like you and she had a nice Caturday, though. Hugs!

  4. Did you take a shortcut out the window Poppy?