Thursday, May 16, 2019


Today was fine and mum enjoyed a sunny walk go work.  It was a bit of a long day but went fast as mum was busy.  Coming home the clouds were low and heavy looking, and luckily the rain only started as mum reached our door.

My day was busy.  There was snoozing and the odd bit of sniffing round and checking out introoder smells.  I really wanted mum to chat to me tonight, so we sat and she talked before she washed the dinner dishes.  Do you like to have a catch up with your person too?


  1. You've caught a nice bit of sun there Poppy!x
    Another nice day over here..washing on the line
    is all dry..just had my lunch, finished off the
    rabbit l had on Sunday!
    Rain forecast for tomorrow..Yuk! HeHe! :).

  2. I tend to talk to my beasts probably more than they want to listen. They are who I talk to about my day and my concerns. It’s good that you and your mum have such conversations.

    And in the photo, it looks like you’ve been caught in a sunshine spotlight, Poppy.

  3. Last night I had three lovely ambulance men to talk to (they came in a car plus an ambulance) plus my hub. They were here nearly two hours so I wasn’t lonely 😂 but joy of joys I am still at home.
    Have to get my flu injection asap as flu is rife in this area.
    Mind you if I had a choice it would be a puddy tat I would like on my bed right now. Nothing as good as a Purr. 😸❣️

  4. poppy q....we talk two de food gurl all de time; HOWEVER; sheez knot two brite ore sheez knot reel lee listenin.... coz her never doez what we ask ;) ♥♥

  5. Always have to get mum to sit down and share her day. We don't have to talk, just to share and be close.