Monday, May 20, 2019


Monday already here.  Mum has had a good day at work.  She came home and there was still some sunshine for a little bit.  She got some tasty things to eat this week and made herself a nice dinner.  It is a big night. She is going to put the laptop away and the phone down and watch the Game of Thrones final.  She's excited to see what happens. 

Me - I had a quiet day as usual.  A little bit of outsiding and a little sleeping.  Then a meet and greet when mum gets home.


  1. They were talking about Game of Thrones this morning,
    on Breakfast TV..I heard something about making a
    different sure..l have'nt seen any of it,
    but l am thinking of getting the box set, if there is
    one..l'd probably enjoy it..! :).

    I'm off out front to cut the grass..looks nice and
    bright, though feels like rain in the air..! :(

  2. We heard a lot of people were upset about the ending of Game of Thrones. Our human has never seen it, so isn't invested in it. We hope your mum will be satisfied!

  3. poppy Q...we due knot haza tee & vee hooked up sew we canna see thiz show, but werd on de streetz iz noe one liked how it ended ~~~~ ???

  4. It's Victoria Day here in Canada, so we had the day off. Instead of work, I was able to do important things, such as visit my favourite blogs.

  5. Wish mum would take a photo of her plate of yummys. They are always so tempting 🤗

  6. Mum is going to read lots tonight. Too cold to sit outside.

  7. We watched GOT too
    Friends came over to watch with us and brought Chinese for tea. Nice and easy for us