Monday, May 27, 2019


Hello Mum I am glad you got home to see me.  Mum had a day off and went out to meet a bestie for a tasty lunch.  They had a Vietnamese Chicken salad for lunch, then did a little wander to the local shops.  Mum stocked up on her candles and did mostly window shopping.  She was glad to head home before 3pm when the school kids make the traffic super busy.  Time to get home to me and I was pleased to see her.  Us girls then had a good nap - well mum was pretending to read, but her eyes closed super quickly.  She can fall asleep so easy at 5pm, and then will struggle at 10pm.  She thinks that she would make a great cat. 

After weeks of lovely weather the rain has arrived, although it is not too chilly.  Mum made a winter mash for dinner with some chicken rissoles.  Dinner is now made for the next two nights which makes work a bit easier, as she can then come home and relax.  Living by herself it is often easier to make a couple of big meals during the week to last a couple of nights. 


  1. HeHe! Poppy!x Should you be parading your bottom,
    like that..bit rude..! Bless! :).

    Bank holiday over here to~day, just had a walk down
    town, post office, coffee at Costa, few people about,
    popped into another cafe, just opened, on the way home,
    nice place, had a free Espresso, which was very nice,
    medium blend and not bitter at all..! :).

  2. We are glad you had a nice day out. Poppy must have been glad to see you at home safe and sound.

  3. Mum will also cook extra, then just reheat. Quick and easy.

  4. I cook a number of main portions, too, and then freeze most of it. What your mum has always sounds tastier, though.