Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Mum had a stressful sleep last night.  She tossed and turned until 1.30am aware that she had to be up at 6.30am to get ready for work.  So of course she now is nodding off at 7pm on the couch.  So she is thinking that she will try to have an early night tonight.  At least she had leftovers for her dinner and the kitchen was cleaned last night, so there aren't many more chores to do. 

I had a chicken and shrimp broth sachet for my dinner.  I sucked up all the juice and left the meaty bits.  I did enjoy it, but mum knows not to try it too often as next time she dishes it up for me I am likely to turn my nose up at it.  It doesn't look like I am starving though does it?


  1. It's too bad humans couldn't sleep like we do, Poppy. We hope your mum has a better night tonight.

    Glad you enjoyed your treat -- Nicki sucks up all the juice on things like that too, mostly leaves the meaty bits. :-D

  2. Chicken and shrimp broth sounds pretty good to me.

  3. No! You never look like your starving Poppy!
    HeHe! Far from it..You look lovely! :).
    Chicken and shrimp..mmmmM! Sounds good..!
    Hope Mum gets some extra sleep in..

    Must get on..l've got a couple of bunny
    rabbits to see to..keep me busy for half

  4. poppy; we like ta due that two....leave de bitz & N joy de gravee; de food gurl keepz
    sayin herz gonna buy a can oh gravee sew we can haz it; her never doez tho ~ ☺☺♥

  5. My cats love to wait until I stock up on a food and then start snubbing it :)

  6. Sorry Mum had a fitful night without much sleep, Poppy. We hope she gets more snoozes in tonight.

    Lucky you, getting that chicken and shrimp sachet!

  7. Your mum's irregular schedule must make sleeping fitful, even at the best of times. I don't envy her that part of her job.

    My cats like the saucy foods, too, but it's not worth buying them as they do the same as you: they leave the actual food and lap up the gravy.