Saturday, May 4, 2019

Caturday - Daisy

We were sad to hear this week that one of the greatest cat bloggers Daisy has passed.  Although Daisys mom stopped posting on Daisy the Curly Cat blog several years ago, we will never forget all the smiles they brought us.  Miss Daisy could wear a costume like no other cat and her ability to pose and ham it up with her brother Harley were legendary.  This post about kissing spots is one of our all time faves.   Thanks for all the smiles Miss Daisy - we hope that you can rest now at the Bridge.

 Love Mum and Poppy Q.


  1. Ah! Bless! How sad..but how lovely..! :(.
    I'll make myself a cup of tea tea, and check
    out..kissing spots..Thankyou Poppy!x

  2. My human and I were so sad to hear the news about Daisy. She was such an inspiration and so much fun!

  3. It is sad to say farewell to Miss Daisy. She was something! We have lost most of our original blogging friends, as well as all but one of the original Funny Farmers, but we are glad you are still able to blog, Poppy.

  4. Oh no! I missed this post on the weekend. I followed Daisy and Harley all the time when they blogged. What a sweet little creature she was. How her family will miss her. Godspeed, Daisy.