Monday, August 12, 2019


Mum wishes she could be as ageless as me.  I'm looking good for a 12 year old.


  1. You look Fabulous! Wonderful! Amazing!
    Beautiful! Poppy!x
    HeHe! And Mum..I expect she's o.k. :).
    Only joking..Ladies always look nicer than
    men..and two nice ladies under the same roof
    is magic..! :0).

    Think l'd better go have my lunch..getting lost
    for words here..Bless! 😼 🐾🐾

  2. You do look like a spring chicken Poppy. Mind you I bet mum does too.
    You certainly have the profile of a beauty and what a gorgeous eye.
    Fur so thick. I had better stop or you will get vain.
    Do you like the spec savers add where the vet thinks the fur hat has no pulse?
    The cat in the background looks cute and somewhat bemused. 🙀

    1. We've got one over here..were there's a white pussy~cat
      behind glass doors, along comes a workman, to fit a cat
      flap..of course his eyesight is he fits the
      cat~flap at the top of one of the glass doors, not the
      bottom..then walks away..leaving the cat to jump up,
      and slide down the glass..cos he can't reach the cat~flap..
      It's ever so funny..! :).

    2. That sounds a really good one. 🙃

  3. Of course, we kitties have the advantage of having our faces covered in fur - that hides wrinkles and age spots and the like. I don't think your human would be happy with that solution for herself.

  4. poppy Q....ewe iz lookin Gorgeouz fora 12 yeerz old !!! ☺☺♥♥

  5. Yes, you look fantastic for any age, Poppy! Is today your birthday? (Or was Monday your birthday?) If so, happy birthday! If not, well, happy day anyway. :-)

  6. You are very beautiful Poppy Q & I wish I could give you a gentle little pat. Xx

  7. VERY good, Poppy. You probably looked the same at five or six.