Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Mum and I have still been busy in our staycation.  Mum seems to be enjoying catching up on months of sleep.  I have been enjoying the sunny days and are outside scratching.


  1. Nothing like a good scratch Poppy!x

    Phew! I'm just getting over Sundays
    Barbeque..last of the washing out on
    the line..nice windy day, so should'nt
    take long to dry..! :).

    Pleased Mum's catching up on her sleep,
    and l'm sure your helping out as well..! :).

  2. You do look young and beautiful in that picture Poppy. What’s the secret to your youthful looks?
    Such beautiful fur and so purposeful. Glad mum is having a catch-up.
    My hub was taken off in an ambulance tonight so you help me feel a little better. 😓

  3. It sounds like your human's staycation is doing you both good!

  4. poppy....thatz what vacationz all a bout !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  5. It sounds like you both are enjoying your great staycation so far. Lots of sleep for your mum is just what see needs after working so hard. Thanks for sharing the great photo Poppy. Have a wonderful time relaxing this staycation.
    World of Animals

  6. It is good that your mum is catching up on her sleep. No need to rush around having to do things gives lots of relaxing time.

  7. Good to catch up on sleep. Mum did that too today. Slept until 8:30 which is late for her.

  8. I'd be doing what your mum is doing, if I could, Poppy.