Sunday, August 25, 2019


What are you doing on Sunday?


  1. I'll write this very quietly Poppy!x
    As l don't want to wake you..You can
    read this later..
    I'm home all day, no going to the for a serice
    won't get it back till Tuesday, as
    Monday, tomorrow is a Bank Holiday...
    AND! It is so hot, there saying the Temp.
    will get up to 32-33 this weekend, and
    brake ALL records..Phew! :(.
    I was gonna have my bunny rabbit roast
    out on the patio, but, it is so hot,
    even under the brolly..still..couple
    games of footy on this afternoon, l'll
    settle down in the front room, where it
    is nice and cool..might just open a can
    of beer..who knows! :).

    There ya go Poppy!x Tell us about yer
    dreams tomorrow..when you wake up..Bless!x

  2. What a coincidence, Poppy. We're doing what YOU'RE doing! :)

  3. Hi Poppy. We're doing lots of that too! Our human took herself off for a long walk along some waterfront trails, so she could take lots of pics. :-)

  4. I'm resting after a busy cat show on Saturday!