Saturday, August 10, 2019

Caturday Clouds

Mum had to get up at 5.30am which was a hard way to get back into work mode.  Luckily the day wasn't too bad.  On the way home she could see the sky becoming darker and it began to rain just as she reached home.  Then the thunder and lightning started.  Still we were nice and dry inside and it wasn't too stormy for long.

I was worn out and needed a big after dinner sleep.


  1. Oh poppy, it was pouring rain today here as well. I was so worried my adorable granddaughter might not come. She lives far away and I hadn’t seen her and my lovely daughter for 10 years. They made the trip to see my husband who is dying of cancer and then made the trip up to see me.
    They made it and I felt 20 years younger. Dear Poppy I hope you feel tomorrow as I do today.

  2. Much the same over here Poppy!x
    Though down south here, it's just 60mph
    winds, all the rain, floods, blackouts,
    are all up's very bad up there!
    Still..suns out..! :).

    Looking forward to TV to~night..BBC4 are
    repeating 'New Zealand:Earth's Mythical
    Islands'. I've seen them all before,
    there are four of them, the one on
    to~night has the walking parrot on it...
    Made me chuckle..though it has been saved
    from extinction, after weasels were introduced,
    they were transfer to another island, predator
    free, the numbers are slowly increasing now! :).

    1. Thanks Willie. I watched it this afternoon. We get a lot of fantails in our country garden.
      They are so friendly and follow you round . Nearly but not quite landing on your head.
      There is an old Maori legend that a bird in the house means death. When I was really ill
      once with food poisoning I had a fantail bashing against my window right by my head for 2 days. Never happened before or after,and thankgoodness I did not die.

  3. Glad your mum made it home before the storms.

  4. pleased it was the morning shift we had quite the storm up here in the evening.

  5. It is very cold here too and has been rainy. Adelaide.

  6. It's good to get home in time to stay warm and dry, eh?