Friday, August 30, 2019

Small Hours

Mum's attempts at sleeping last night were thwarted by being on call, as she had to go into work three times, only finishing up round 7am.  She came home and had her breakfast and even though she thought she might have the energy to stay up all day as soon as she sat on the couch she knew she would need some sleep.

So mum and I had a nap together for a couple of hours.  A quiet afternoon and evening has been nice .  Mum is nervous about going to bed tonight as now her brain is wired to be on alert and stay up.  I'm tired too - how can a little grey girl cope without 23 hours of snoozing?


  1. HeHe! Perhaps you ought to try 22hrs Poppy!x
    Or perhaps 21hrs at a push..! :).
    And poor Mum on call..l can imagine it's a
    bit worrying for her, as she's never sure
    when the phone might ring..and worst of all..
    It may wake you up...! :o).

  2. In to work three times? Good Heavens, I feel bad for your mum, Poppy. She probably felt by the last time that she may as well stay there…

  3. Poppy, your mum is such a hard worker. We hope the nap time together was refreshing for you both. Maybe another vacation for her soon to just catch up on some sleep. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.
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  4. poppy Q...mum kneadz ta tozz de fone in de toy let !!! we hope her getz sum sleep N rest N we hope ewe can catch up; 23 hourz izza lotta catchin up two due.... ;)☺☺☺☺☺♥♥

  5. Oh poor Mum .... her sleeping patterns will be all over the place with being on call. I think you need to give her some "lessons" Poppy - how to switch on lessons.

  6. Sounds like your human had a really rough shift!