Saturday, August 24, 2019


The heaters are off and the windows are open,  mum and I are thinking that spring is arriving.  I'm going to roll around and snooze outside.

Enjoy your Caturday!!


  1. Sounds good, fall is coming here and mum is liking that. We don't want winter too soon, but mum isn't a good hot weather person.

  2. Nearly seven in the morning over here Poppy!x
    Gonna be a record Bank Holiday weekend weather it'll be a busy time for most..! :).
    Me! I'm gonna be home, nice and quiet..HeHe!
    famous last words..
    Now! Where did l put my lemon tea..! :).

  3. And up here in the northern hemisphere, we are still waiting for fall!

  4. You have good weather to look forward to, but that means winter isn't that far off for us. It has turned hot again this weekend. Unusual for a Bank Holiday, it usually rains.

  5. Not quite that good here. Our days have been sunny but come the evening it get bitterly cold and we get rain
    So our fire is going but yes definitely there has been a turn in th weather and the plants are all sprouting new growth

  6. Uh oh.... If it's getting to be spring in your town, that means it will be getting to be fall in mine! We've had some really nice weather here lately. We're all enjoying it.

  7. We're slowly heading into autumn, which I don't mind. The winter is less favoured, however. I'm glad you are feeling your spring, though.