Monday, August 26, 2019


Prisoner Poppy would like to be released from her cage right now!!!  I got kidnapped to go back to the vets again this week.  Because I won't take the medicine for my arthritis the vet is trying some injections to see if the help. 

As soon as I saw the cat cage I ran out and hid in the garden and made mum and I late for the appointment .  Luckily they fitted us in.  It was a quick one then back home.

The sun was out for most of the day so mum got her sheets and towels washed and dried before the rain came.  Mum is having roast chicken , potatoes and beans for her dinner and will put her feet up. 


  1. Oh! My goodness! Poppy!x Not the vet again..
    Never mind..if it makes you feel better, then
    you have to go..!
    I had a pussy-cat once who hated the cat basket.
    She'd run a mile if she saw l had to hide
    it in another room, pick her up, make a fuss of her,
    stroking her head, and covering her eyes..when l'd
    cover her eyes, l'd go straight for the basket, push
    her in quickly, and shut the door..she would go mad..! :(.

    Hope Mum gave you some of her roast chicken...! Bless!x

  2. My human has given shots to both Boodie and Binga. She says they were easy, and she was lucky because not all cats are.

  3. Yikes! We hope your mum made that up to you, Poppy! (Which reminds our human that she needs to schedule Nicki's regular appt soon!)

  4. Oh Poppy, it would be so much easier for you and your mum if you would take your medicine.

  5. poppy....mum N de vetz tryin ta help....whoa...yea we did say that but it bee de trooth...
    purrhapz her could add a Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Cosequin treet two yur diet....wood sure taste better we iz thinkin !! gram paw dude took cosequin treetz bak in de olden dayz !! :)

    st francis' blessingz two ewe ~ ☺☺♥♥♥

  6. Hope your hip feels better. I don't like the PTU either.

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  8. Poppy, you have to take your medicine. You don't want to have to go to the vet's office every time you need some.