Sunday, August 4, 2019

Out and About

Mum took herself out and about this weekend - she saw one of the neighbor cats guarding its turf on her walk into town this afternoon.  The days have been sunny but cool here as storms hit other parts of the country, we have been sheltered here.

I helped mum to sleep in both mornings by giving her snuggles.  I lie across her leg and purr so she can't get up.  During a work day I have to get up quickly so mum can get up and get ready.  Holiday snuggles are the best.


  1. Ah! Bless! A quick 'hello' 'goodbye' to~day Poppy!x
    Been busy..preparing for my annual Barby later to~day..
    Feeding of the 5,000..HeHe! Loaves and fishes..kick off,
    at three..and the weather's being very kind..nice, warm,
    and dry..
    Poppy!x I'll send you a birdie~burger over later...! :o).

  2. It is nice to meet the cat neighbours on your mum's strolls.

  3. Nothing beats sleeping in a bit with one's cat(s).

  4. I try to keep mum in bed, she kicks me off so she can use the litter box. She doesn't actually kick me....

  5. Oh yes, Poppy. We love holiday snuggles best of all, too!

  6. wavez two ewe naybor cat oh poppy Q.....itz nice ta meet ewe ☺☺♥♥ !!