Friday, August 2, 2019


While storms lash other parts of the country we were bathed in sunshine today which was lovely with curtains opened to let the sun warm the bedroom.


  1. settle it all Poppy!x
    Your on your favourite bag..just settling
    down for a bit of shut eye..Bless!x

  2. That possie sure looks like ‘A Room With a View ‘ Poppy . Lucky you.
    We had sun here too but watching the news was so bad for the West Coast and more high seas tonight again.
    When I was young I went to Stewart Island in a fishing boat. The seas were 60 ft then too and I think for the 3 hours it took I was about the only one that didn’t get seasick.
    I really enjoy the excitement of boating in a rough sea. How do you think you would cope Poppy?

  3. What sunshine you must get in theorugh your windows, Poppy. You no doubt enjoy such a view.