Monday, August 19, 2019

I'm Back

 I'm back and glad to be home.  Can you tell?  Mum thinks I am a bit quiet after my Cattery vacation, but that could be because the vet stole some bloods and gave me injections (my vaccination and some stuff for my knee).  I got my blood pressure taken - the first time it was high but there was a dog barking and I was scared, the second time it was normal.

The best bit was the vet said everything was normal which is good for an old girl.  So I sniffed everything at home.  cuddled with mum for 2 minutes and am now ready for bed.
Mum went to Aucland to see the rugby - All Blacks vs Australia.  It was very exciting cos we lost to Australia last week in Perth 47-26.  This week we won 36-0.  Mum enjoyed the match although it rained and was cold sitting high up in the stands.  Mum disliked that a lot of the audience booed when the Australian team came out, booed the kiwi women's player who won an award for the 50 games she played for the women's side and they booed the Prime Minister JacindaAdern.  It made her quite sad that the people attending found that acceptable. 

Anyway mum had a great weekend away with good friends and lots of wine and food, and now she is glad to be home with me.


  1. Lucky mum! I watched on tv and it was so exciting. Couldn’t believe the final score. We are back on form. Fingers crossed for the final.
    Booing is disgusting. That is NOT being a good sport.

  2. People often are rude and boorish, Poppy.

    Anyway, welcome back to you both and congrats to your team on the win!

    BTW, we're glad you're in good health, that's terrific news!

  3. Whey~Hey! Hurray! Bless! HaHa! When l saw the top
    photo..l thought Poppy's!x got a 'tail' to tell!
    Nice to see you back Poppy!x Well..! Yer tail
    anyway..! :).

    And Mum went to the rugby..goodness! I bet that
    was great fun, we had it on over here, l did'nt
    see any of has just started, so l'm
    more inclined to watch that..
    I'm afraid we get booing at matches to..both
    football and rugby..if no one boos the players,
    they boo the Prime Minister..Still, the way our
    politics are going..They ALL need booing..! :(.

    Anyway! Nice to have you both back..Have a nice
    catch up sleep Poppy!x

    1. Always enjoy your comments Willie very much. They make me smile a lot and I need that right now.
      Can’t imagine why anyone would boo our beloved Prime Minister, to me she is perfect. So caring. Us older folks have been given a generous top up on our super(pension) each month over winter to help with our power bills. She is a kind, generous gem. Also a brilliant P.M. in so many ways. x

    2. Quite agree Sally..she came over here earlier in
      the year..and everyone loved her, she was an
      instant success..lovely emotional lady, who came
      over as a very caring lady..could do with a few like
      her in our politics..! Ours is in a complete and utter
      mess...! :(.

  4. That is a very happy tail, Poppy! I am glad your check up was good.

  5. We hope your mom had a wonderful time at the rugby game. Glad your check up went well and everything is good for a older gal like yourself. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  6. Yeah it seems booing happens in sports all the time. It is rather rude.

  7. Such good news about your health, Poppy. How did they take your blood pressure? The doctor said that to take my Cammie's, they would have to knock her out. I'm glad your mum enjoyed herself, despite the rudeness of the crowd.

  8. I don’t like booing either.
    I think it so rude
    Glad your in such fine health
    So happy Mum had a nice little vacation