Monday, November 11, 2019

Baby Poppy

That was me as an itty bitty kitty out exploring in the garden.  There was no exploring today.  It was super wet with huge rains here overnight.  We wish we could send some of our rains across the Tasman Sea to our friends in Australia who are experiencing huge bushfires.  They are in dire need of all the water that seems to be sitting over our country. 


  1. Ah! Bless!x You look lovely Poppy!x can see you were gonna be
    a BIG puss~cat..those Big paws..! :).

    Rain forecast for to~day and tomorrow,
    but, as look out the Paddington Bear's bright and sunny, still
    cold though..! :(.

    Our news over here is covering the fires
    in Australia..terrible pictures..terrible!
    Nature is a wonderful thing, but it can be
    very cruel at times..! :(.

  2. What a cute baby photo, Poppy! I wish Australia (and us over here in California, USA) could get some of that precipitation.

  3. Your so little there poppy
    I wish we could send the rains to northern eastern Australia soo
    We have had more than enough here down in southern victoria

  4. Poppy Q how cute you were but even cuter now. You looked quite silver then. The fires are wicked in Australia. I watch it on Australian tv. Too frightful to even contemplate. Can you give me 3 cheers? I fixed my iPad myself in tools and I have to admit to a little extra phone help from a tv shop. I now also have the right time and country set up so I will be able to get apps. Yah! Yay! Yah!. I will answer your kind mums email but then hopefully not bother her so much. I wonder if you know how much she adores you. I think you might. I was reading your horoscope today and it said you will become famous for living to 21. Good news eh? Also never diet. Diet is for cranks. Howse that said the cricketer? xxxxx

  5. That is a very sweet baby photo of you, Poppy.

  6. Good Heavens, what a little cutie you were, Poppy - and you've grown into a beautiful girlcat. You looked relaxed and confident in that baby photo; you must've known you had found your home.

  7. Oh my goodness, Poppy, you sure were one gorgeous tiny kitten. And those eyes!