Sunday, November 17, 2019


Happiness is mum letting you rest on the wet sheet on the outside table in the sun.  She's a good mum - she let me nap on it for an hour, then she hung it on the line to let it dry.


  1. HaHa! Is there anything you have'nt slept on Poppy!x
    And on a wet sheet..goodness! Mind you don't catch
    cold..Looks nice and sunny is here to, l've
    been busy in the some good bargains at
    the supermarket earlier..pheasant to~day, roast potatoes,
    corn on the cob..Yum! Bit chilly, but l'll enjoy it out
    on the patio..Fudge will be there..he loves pheasant...! :).

  2. Wonderful, Poppy! Always a lure to kitties when there is something new
    in a different place that gets a girl's attention. So glad you have sun
    and warmer. Precious has sun, but it is 25 degrees, so she lays inside
    with the furnace on.

  3. That is happiness personified, indeed! Poppy, that sure was nicve of Mum to let you lay on that wet sheet. :)

  4. How sweet, Poppy! Our human would not let us do that!

  5. I wouldn't have thought you would like wet sheets to lie on, Poppy. You're an odd girl, sometimes.