Sunday, March 14, 2021


 Mum made the bed and made sure my bag was in the correct place.  A for effort mum.


  1. Poppy!x Effort begins with 'E'..
    HeHe! Bless! So your getting ready
    for your little snooze on one of
    your many bags...! :).

    Second Sunday l have'nt been to the
    supermarket, don't really need anything..
    I'll go later in the week, clearing through
    some of the food at the bottom of my 'road
    kill' freezer..though there's no shooting
    this year, l'm always stocked up with game..!

  2. Poppy, that looks like a lovely flowery bag you are on.
    Fitting with Easter coming in a few weeks. It looks soft
    and cloth instead of plasticy. Time change here this weekend,
    and it is not fun to lose an hour, but light later is good.
    Only we get up at 5:30 for Precious breakfast, so it is dark
    for so long in the mornings again. Happy Sunday

  3. Wishing you and Mum a sweet night!

  4. A for effort, indeed, Poppy! Enjoy your bag!

  5. Poppy, dear, you do look satisfied that the bag is properly placed. My white Maine Coon tom, aka The Great Floofmeister, usually settles beneath the bed's throw pillows, unless I've carelessly laid a black sweater on the bed while dressing. Then, he splats on that...

  6. That's part of making the bed, right?

  7. Poppy, your mum gets an "A" grade for sure! You have her trained well!

  8. Poppy! You have your very own bag!?!? I do have a favorite, but I have to snag it before it ends up back in the car! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  9. I'm glad your bag is in the right place, Poppy.