Tuesday, March 16, 2021


 Mum is knackered today.  A late night was a bit brutal for her today and as the afternoon crept by she felt more and more tired.  She wishes she could have napped the day away like me.


  1. Oh my goodness, that face is precious. Napping the day away sounds heavenly! Dad watched the vid clip in the previous post and says he loves Crowded House, though quite honestly I think he only knows "Don't Dream It's Over". It's one of the songs he walks around the house warbling at the top of his lungs.

    1. Oh sweet. The concert was awesome. They played David Bowles Heroes which was amazing. I've been lucky and seen them live about four times over the decades and seen Neil Finn play another 6 times. His voice is still sounding fresh and live it is just magical.

  2. As usual Poppy! You look lovely..
    I think that photo is one for my
    'Poppy' folder..I've got folders
    for most of the pussy~cats l
    follow..! Great fun, looking
    through them with a mug of tea! :).

  3. Poppy, if only there was a way to bottle your sleep & share it with your mum.

  4. I hope your lovely Mum can catch some sleep soon. You look so content. enjoy your day, Poppy.

  5. I wasn't feeling well yesterday - a very strong headache - and took the morning off. I slept an extra four hours and felt great afterward. It turns out that all I need to feel good is ten hours of sleep every day. I hope your mum will have some decent sleep tonight.

  6. We sure hope Mum can get some rest sometime soon, Poppy. XO