Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 Its been raining off and on all day today.  Luckily the little tomato that are sneaking between gaps in the fence will not need watering and might be ripe by the weekend. 

Mum got the pfizer vaccine yesterday.  She feels fine today, her arm still aches liked she's been punched but that's it.  Today mum decided to stay home with me and did some dishes and hovered.  Book reading and TV watching was all she felt like doing today.  

Me - well I got up at 11am.  Begged for dinner at 3pm and back to bed by 4pm.


  1. That tomato looks so inviting. We are meant to get your rain tomorrow. That will be better than today. It was so heavy and dark all morning and we had no power . The power people were putting in new posts and no power from 8.30am till nearly 4pm. My eyes got so sore trying to read. No hot breakfast or lunch. No tv. I was feeling very sorry for myself. What joy when the lights came on. Amazing how dependent I am on power and yet no one had it 150 years ago. 🥴 🐭 🌈

  2. The weather lady this morning said,
    to~day will be the hottest March day
    in 50yrs..colder at the weekend,
    though dry..so that's o.k. by me! :)

    Your routine is still very 'hectic'
    l see Poppy!x HeHe! Bless!x

  3. Poppy it is fun seeing your tomato ripen. I'm not even to the point I'm thinking about planting a tomato. Are Cold Spring weather is lingering on but we've had some days of sunshine like you, and that makes me feel very happy. Glad you got your Feast early and got to take your nap.

  4. That sounds like a good day to me, Poppy. And what a bright little tomato!

  5. We hope that little tomato ripens by the weekend, too, Poppy. We are sorry Mum's arm hurts, but glad she is feeling good otherwise.

  6. My human felt that way after getting the first Pfizer dose. She gets her second on Monday.

  7. We're glad your mum only has a sore arm, that's good!

    Those tomatoes are looking great, yummy when they fully ripen. :-)