Friday, March 12, 2021


 Mum did fun stuff on her day off like scrubbing the toilet and the rubbish bin.  She packed some parcels to return to the online shops but then couldn't find her fitbit.  Luckily she realized that she had gathered it up into the parcel before she took it to the post office.  Maybe she should have left it as the kms would have increased this weeks average.  She did enjoy the 8am wake up and the morning snuggle with me.


  1. We've had a bit of rain overnight, but it's
    cleared up this morning, and the sun's trying
    to break through, though still chilly! :(.

    I'm finding it more difficult to find things
    to do around my home, it's a matter of cleaning,
    polishing things that don't really need it....
    I'll be wearing things out..before anything else,
    though l like things to be clean/tidy..very much
    a bleach person..! I suppose, l've got more fussy
    as l've got older..! :).

  2. At least mum did not package you up by mistake, Poppy. What would she
    have done then? She can always guess her steps from past times, but
    she could never replace the purrs and furs and snuggles. Precious slept
    with me Wed. night, but last night at midnight, I found her star gazing.
    We had pouring rain before, but by then the sky cleared and she was
    keeping a watch for night life.

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  4. Snuggles always make the day better.