Sunday, March 21, 2021


 Mum went for her walk this afternoon and popped into a couple of shops on her way home.  She found this cushion which made her laugh real hard.
What do you think?  Should she go back and buy one ?


  1. Yes! I think she should buy two Poppy!x
    If you had'nt said, l thought it was
    really you..! :).
    Go for it Mum..! :).

    1. Oh! Poppy!x I nearly forgot...
      Yesterday evening l watched this film..
      It is an old film..1977..about pussy~cats,
      it is a horror film, so hope Mum will let
      you watch it...! :).

  2. Mom should buy it as long as you don't get jealous Poppy. That was cute with a hat on its head, but hopefully she won't make you wear a hat. We're going to have Sunshine for the third day in a row and it's going to be 60 degrees. My spring is arriving day by day. Have a good Sunday.

  3. That cushion is perfect, Poppy. Yes she should go back and buy it, IF it's something she will take with her if/when she moves. (That's what the biped asks herself now, will she pack it whenever she moves? Or will it go in the donation bin?)

  4. Yes she should get it. It is so cute and does look like you.

  5. MOL! Yes, she should totally get that, Poppy!

  6. It totally looks like you, Poppy! And yes, she should buy it!

  7. I laughed too, Poppy. I thought it was you for a moment. Yes, your mum should buy it. And take a picture of you to show the sales-staff in the shop.

  8. Definitely. It could keep you company while you sleep on the bed waiting for you mum to come back home from work

  9. Oh PoppyQ I hope mum doesn’t buy that cushion. It might give you both terrible nightmares if you woke up in the night and saw it.